Everything you need to know about Foodies Festivals

Back in January I signed up to demonstrate at 7 of the summer Foodies Festivals. I didn’t entirely know what I was letting myself in for as I’d never actually been to one before, but now 8 demos and 2 festivals later, I thought it was time to share some pics and let you know what’s coming up at the rest of the festivals so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

So for those of you who’ve never been to a Foodies Festival, let me first explain what you can expect. 

Foodies Festival Bristol - Bake with SarahThe festivals are held outside with 3 large theatre tents. The first is the Chefs Theatre where you will find what I call the proper chef, chefs! Cooking mainly savoury meals the chef’s on this stage are usually TV chefs, Michelin starred chefs or former Masterchef winners / finalists demonstrating how to whip up all sorts of delicious meals on stage.

Foodies Festival Bristol - Bake with SarahThe second tent, which is where you’ll find me, is the Cakes & Desserts Theatre. In here you will find celebrity bakers, GBBO stars and award winning cake makers & chocolatiers demonstrating how to make delicious cakes & desserts.

Foodies Festival Bristol - Bake with SarahThe final tent is the drinks theatre, which is basically wine tasting!

Then as well as these 3 main tents, there is also a Healthy Living Zone where you can learn yoga, Kids Cookery Classes to amuse the little ones, a Live Music Stage and various other food and drink tents, pirate ships, and giant teapots! 

And of course as well as all of that, there are also loads of stalls, offering literally every kind of food imaginable! There’s hot food to eat there including BBQ, Tagine, Japanese, Chinese, Burgers & Waffles and there’s other food such as Macarons, Jam, cheese, sauces and fudge that you can buy to take home for later. 

Foodies Festival Bristol - Bake with Sarah

And to wash all that lovely food down with, there’s no shortage of drinks either! Cider, Gin, Prosecco, Cocktails, Pimms, Smoothies or Coffee to name just a few!

Foodies Festival Bristol - Bake with Sarah

So that’s Foodies Festivals in a nutshell, but here are a few of my own personal highlights from Brighton & Bristol πŸ™‚

Here’s a quick Twitter Live tour of Brighton I made before it opened on the Sunday.

And here’s a few pics from Brighton (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version)

Here’s a quick Twitter Live tour from the Sunday afternoon at Bristol:

And here’s a few pics from Bristol (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version)

The following chefs & bakers will be appearing at some or all of the festivals

ADAM SIMMONDS    β€’    ANJULA DEVI    β€’    ATUL KOCHHAR    β€’    BECKY CUMMINGS    β€’    BILLY WRIGHT    β€’    BRAD CARTER    β€’    BRIAN GRIGOR    β€’    CANDICE BROWN    β€’    CHARLOTTE WHITE    β€’    CHRISTIAN EDWARDSON    β€’    DAN TOOMBS    β€’    DEAN EDWARDS    β€’    DHRUV BAKER    β€’    ELLA WOODWARD    β€’    EMMA SPITZER    β€’    FRASER ALLEN    β€’    GARY FOULKES    β€’    GARY JONES    β€’    GLYNN PURNELL    β€’    JACK LAYER    β€’    JAMIE THICKET    β€’    JANE DEVONSHIRE    β€’   JOHN HOLLAND    β€’    JOSH EGGLETON    β€’    JUANITA HENNESSEY    β€’    KATHY SLACK    β€’    LORNA ROBERTSON    β€’    LUIS TROYANO    β€’    MARCELLO TULLY    β€’    MARK GREENAWAY    β€’    MARK TILLING    β€’    MATT TEBBUTT     β€’    MICHAEL BREMNER    β€’    MIGUEL BARCLAY    β€’    NATHAN EADES    β€’    NEIL FORBES    β€’    OMAR ALLIBHOY    β€’    PRUE LEITH    β€’    ROMY GILL    β€’    ROSEMARY SHRAGER    β€’    SAIRA HAMILTON    β€’    SALIHA MAHMOOD-AHMED    β€’    SARAH SIBLEY    β€’    SELIN KIAZIM    β€’    TONY ROD    β€’    UGNE BUBNAITYTE    β€’    XANTHE CLAY

Visit www.foodiesfestival.com for more info.