The quantities in these charts allow for filling and covering a standard height cake with a single layer of filling.

Dark Chocolate Ganache

RoundDark ChocolateDouble Cream SquareDark ChocolateDouble Cream
6″350g175ml 6″450g225ml
7″450g225ml 7″575g288ml
8″550g275ml 8″700g350ml
9″650g325ml 9″825g413ml
10″775g388ml 10″975g488ml
11″900g450ml 11″1150g575ml
12″1025g513ml 12″1325g663ml

White Chocolate Ganache

RoundWhite ChocolateDouble Cream SquareWhite ChocolateDouble Cream
6″400g134ml 6″500g167ml
7″500g167ml 7″625g209ml
8″600g200ml 8″775g259ml
9″725g242ml 9″925g309ml
10″875g292ml 10″1100g367ml
11″1000g334ml 11″1275g425ml
12″1175g392ml 12″1475g492ml