I only collaborate with and accept sponsorship from brands that I genuinely love and use, so if I recommend something, you can be assured it’s because it’s good and not just because I’ve been paid to say it is!  No amount of money or free product would persuade me to recommend a bad product! 


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Foodie Flavours sell the most amazing range of natural high strength flavourings. I use their flavours in cakes and buttercream all the time and have actually used them to flavour my fondant toppers as well!




I grew up baking cakes with my Mum with Homepride flour and I still use it in all my cakes and bakes today!



Renshaw_Red_R [1318298]I always use Renshaw sugarpaste and modelling paste for my cakes. They have an amazing range of colours & products and the quality compared to cheaper makes, is definitely worth the extra few pence!


Zee Chik LogoZee Chik is a super talented cake artist and I absolutely love her range or sugarcraft moulds and formers and her scraper tools is one of the most essential tools in my kit!